We began by building with hexbugs and legos.


Then we looked at national flags in a book.

“Can we listen to the Dreamland cd, Mama?”

There was a game of zombie dice.

“Mama, can we build a zipline for legos?”  “I bet you can!  Try that yarn.”  “Whee, it’s going down!”

I put together an unschooling interview and interviewed the kids.  Then Lilah interviewed me.  I wrote them up here.

We took a trip to the aquarium and enjoyed many animals.  We read about extinction and endangered animals in Utah.  We spotted sea turtles and sharks, penguins and toucans eating fruit.  They crossed the rope bridge.

Then, back home for brownies and more legos.

We read eachother jokes.  “What kind of school do you go to to greet people?”  “High school.”

Gavin read to us about carnivorous plants.

Then Lilah and I were off to gymnastics class for pull ups, balance beam jumps, handstands and then back home to show Daddy and Gavin the “broken monkey leg” maneuver.


There was Civilization playtime with Dad for Gavin during gymnastics class.

Back home for dinner, books together and cuddles.