fresh air & surprises

We went for a walk up the canyon a few minutes away and beyond the usual enjoyments like blackberry flowers, birdsong, fresh air and tossing sticks and rocks into the creek, we discovered something new this time.

As we were leaving we went down to the creek in a different spot and spotted a swing across the water. Lilah crossed the logs and swung, and then we spotted a rope hanging from a tree right in the middle of the creek. So we tried that one too.

We left happy, making plans to return soon.


early summer

The kids have been:

slack lining


dragonfly spotting

and moths, butterflies, caterpillars, flies, larvae, ladybugs spotting

watching lizards in the garden (Arizona striped whiptail, I believe)


celebrating Holi


cat loving, drawing and first two photos by Lilah

google searches for Zelda walk throughs (video game help) and wild cats in utah (ongoing cat interest) among many other things

library summer reading program

reading lots and lots

waterpark playtime

birthday party playing

movie watching

a water fight

a Father’s Day scavenger hunt

sick days with lots of resting and show watching


going to a Lego show

flower collecting and pressing

sawing baseboard to fix up our old house

potion making

video story telling

animal watching at the aquarium

looking at Japanese multiplication methods

trying out some new video games


banana grams poetry creating