sunflowers in the yardimg_3010

corn maze and pumpkin park with friends

building Gavin’s new loft bed with Grandma and Grandpa’s helpimg_2877

cat loving


trying to discover what plants and trees we have in the new yard



a birthday scooter!



taking huge loads of things we no longer need to the thrift storeimg_2990

a wonderful hike to Bloods Lake


ghost towns

Today we headed out on a ghost town adventure.


I did some research and picked a few closer ghost towns, packed water, snacks, lunch and we were off. We drove out first to Mercur, Utah. It was a mining town as many Utah towns were. When we got there though, it was gated off and there was no entry. Boo! We noticed some fencing up a hill a little way our side of the gated area so we walked up to check that out. We found lots of remnants of people spending time there, a nest in the fence, lots of exciting rocks and lots of deer bones. A little further up we saw a fresh deer leg, thigh chewed off the bone. I think the big cats must have taken the rest off to eat privately. Lilah was thrilled to find some purple glass and pottery shards scattered about.

After that we headed down and found the Mercur cemetery.

There were quite a few fenced gravesites and several that were just roughly indicated by rock borders. Most of the headstones were gone or in terrible shape.

Next we headed out to find West Dip, nearby. We had much better luck there but it has been used for dumping and graffiti and lots of shooting practice unfortunately. It was still fascinating and the kids were definitely interested in the trash as well as the old town remains but I was put off by hundreds of shell casings and food and drink refuse everywhere. My favorite part there was the sage brush growing on the roof of the building remnants. We saw a few lizards and some swarming crows but we saw no one else today aside on our explorations. The kids decided it would be hot and hard to live in a place like Mercur or West Dip.

As we drove out we saw something off the road and stopped to check it out. It turned out to be a mine shaft, going down further than light would go in the afternoon. The kids were fascinated and we crawled out on the (very solid) grate to get a good look.

Then we headed toward Utah Lake to find Mosida, another ghost town. When we got there it was gone. Nothing left at all. They are farming and building condos there. It was disappointing but did teach us that ghost towns are few, precious and fleeting and that we need to find more updated resources before driving hours to find nothing left. I did manage to find a great site and I think I’ll be cross checking any other info with that from now on.

I can’t wait to head out again, but the kids want to go rockhounding and ghost town adventuring in one go, so that will be our next challenge. I’ve heard Topaz Mountain/and Topaz Internment Camp (where Japanese were taken during World War II) are still a great place to explore…


our new house!

We’ve closed on a new house, only a block and a few steps away from where we’ve been living since before either kid was around.


We are so excited! I’m especially looking forward to the deck and beautiful private yard and all the wildlife we spot out there. So far we’ve seen a woodpecker, some deer and a squirrel.

We’ve been up to our ears in packing, various repairs and the like. We also found time to hang a swing though as it seemed a very important part of the new space.

The kids each chose paint for their bedrooms and we painted them! They made great choices and are very pleased by the results.

We’ll paint the rest of the house later. We need to move in and get some electrical and floor work done in the new house, then clean up and paint and get the old place ready to put on the market. Two mortgage payments are just not very comfortable!

The kids have been helping me take things between houses, set stuff up, make a trip to the store for lamps and bookshelves for their rooms and other things like that.

We had a little birthday party up at the new house to celebrate Lilah turning 9! She had two good friends and their families over and the kids played in the house, picked apples, ate brownies, used the swing and the adults chatted and got tours of the house. It was lovely.

We spotted three deer in the backyard today, munching apples and the resident squirrel seems to be very well-established, helping itself to pears, apples, grapes and today it tried to drag our soccer bag under the shed. I suspect this is the beginning of a long stretch of fascinating squirrel and deer encounters!