Unschool Kick-off

“Mama, I’d like to do the puzzle.  Would you help me?”  We puzzled.  “This could be a monarch but it doesn’t have enough white.”


“Mama, can we get Mung Daal?  And some other new things?”  We picked up our Community Supported Agriculture share and the Indian Market.  And picked out some new foods to try.   Then drove past new library in our neighborhood, looked at construction progress.

We made brownies – fractions and chemistry!  “How many 1/4 cups are in a 1/2 cup?  How can you tell the difference between a Tablespoon and teaspoon measure?”

We put up the tent in the living room to dry after our rainy Yellowstone adventure.

And read Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, which they both adore.


We read a book about history, geography.  Learned that the lowest sea on Earth is Ross Sea in Antarctica.  And that in India they speak 22 official languages but only Hindi and English used by the government.


They made a pokemon deck together and cross referenced with our pokemon sticker book.

The kids made crowns, necklaces, climbing ropes out of pipe cleaners.

We had some computer time.

We picked thai chiles, tomatillos, tomatoes, eggplant of two kinds in the garden.

We looked at butternuts, dumplings and pumpkins growing at different stages and compared squash leaves.  We talked about ripe versus unripe tomatillos, jalapenos.

Then we finished off our day with dinner together, brownies, card from Mama, a song and a tiny bit more puzzling for our Unschool Celebration.

And there was love.