They started off playing coolmathgames.com (Duck Life, for those of you in the know).  Then we watched Pokemon and Pingu.

Then there was lego play and organizing, and a letter to grandparents written.


We pulled out the marimba, steel drum and our other drum and played scales, Oh Suzannah and experimented.  “What does it sound like when you drop a lego person in the drum?”  “…on the marimba?”  “He’s playing music!”  “I like to just try different things!”

There was puzzling on the puppy puzzle we’re in the middle of.


We watched John Oliver And Cookie monster, On The News Beat

and checked out An Icy Solution To The Mystery Of The Slithering Stones, an article about the moving boulders in “The Racetrack” which I visited as a kid.

An Icy Solution To The Mystery Of The Slithering Stones

There was some balance beam play.


They played a game of Magic The Gathering;  a practice round, because Lilah is still learning how to play on her own.


Lilah and I went to pick up a friend from school and played on the playground together.  We came home and read Elephant and Piggie books and played with legos and hexbugs and stuffed animals with Lilah’s friend.  Oh, and there was some hula hooping.


All of it was wonderful.