Today I cleaned the house because we had guests coming and between you and I, I’m one of those people who believes a clean house is a sign of a misspent life, so there was a lot of cleaning to do.  The kids helped by organizing, picking up here and there.  I had to spend a lot of time cleaning though.  The kids played legos together happily for a long time and then went in their room to play a newly invented game with stuffed animal real ninjago battle!


They missed out on doing more active things together though and missed spending quality time with me.  They were both incredibly grumpy and disregulated by the time I was through.  So I sat down with them and tried to reconnect.  I picked up Gavin’s foot and pretended it was a phone, held it to my ear.  I pretended I could hear people on the other end, and answered all kinds of silly questions and then kept hanging up. “Hello, hello?  ….. No, I don’t need any chickens. …. No, not even one.  …. I don’t need any ducks either!  …. Please stop calling here!  Good bye!”   Gavin then would laugh, go back to looking grumpy and then hold his foot up for me to answer it again.  Eventually Lilah came and requested I talk on her foot phone too.  We ended up giggling a lot and then the kids were more able to figure out something fun we could all do together afterward.

We read some Wise Child by Monica Furlong.


We played Hanabi together, a fun collaborative game where you have to play without knowing the cards you’re holding and have to rely on your team mates to help you know what to play and what to discard.

We watched:

And then we went for a walk to the park to swing and race cars down the slides, then dinner with family from out of town and across town and then home and songs and cuddles and bed.