There was computer play followed by tumbling and nest making.  They brought blankets and pillows out and made their own cozy space.


They wrestled.


The Goldie Blox sets were opened and stories were read and blocks built with.


We did some Spanish together – more animal and food words.  Soy un vegetariana.

We watched an episode of Cosmos: a Spacetime Odyssey.

Next we headed to the rink to roller skate.  This was the kids second time roller skating and they were still working hard to get it, but enjoyed it nonetheless.  They began without the balance supports and did a few laps and then when they got tired and frustrated with that we rented the supports and they had a ball twirling around in the middle of the rink.  I skated too and realized I need to learn how to stop better.  We skated for a good hour and a half before heading for home and dinner and family time and bedtime.