Goblin Valley

We spent four days camping in Goblin Valley, in Southern Utah.  It was lovely weather and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and also got to work hard through the challenges of being together all day and all night for several days.


The kids explored the campground, full of sand and boulders and hills and towering spires.  They’re up on the tips of the rocks in the above picture.

We hiked in the narrows.

In the canyon they climbed on top of the boulder and then I remarked that Daddy’s feet were in the picture so he proceeded to do a dance for good measure.


We explored the goblins and played many, many rounds of hide and seek.

Down the dirt road we found petroglyphs


and an old mining town ruins.

There were lizards to watch and ravens and tiny little birds that sang sweetly and then punctuated each phrase with a kissing noise.

There were mud puddles to climb over or through and rocks to collect and warm sand and cool sand and bubbly holes in the rock.


We listened to many chapters of Harry Potter while we went to and fro in the car.

There was this plant!  Amazing!   What is it and can I fill my yard with these?


What a beautiful place.