Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

This weekend we took a day trip out to a dinosaur quarry. We miss Chris on our weekday excursions so it was fun to explore somewhere new, all four of us.


The quarry is fantastic. It’s a working quarry where they are actively digging up bones and the building you can visit has all the tools (paintbrushes, rags, a sieve, glue, various cups and cans) and tags they use while they are working. It’s really neat to see all the things they use, not just the finished product. They also have a museum with lots of information and neat illustrations and bones on display, but we were much more excited about the quarry.

This quarry has one of the densest areas of dinosaur bones anywhere and it’s a mystery why they are all there. There are many theories, but it’s still a source of questions. I read that the layer where the bones are is only about three feet deep and yet, the densest collection… amazing!

Here Lilah is pointing to a bone she spotted embedded in a rock on one of the trails in the quarry.


After visiting the dinosaur bone dig, we climbed on some rocks and then drove a bit and found a nice spot to have dinner and several games of hide and seek before heading home.

The moon was coming up as we ate and packed up. It was a beautiful day together.