a little of this, a dash of that

We’ve been playing so many games (here the kids are playing with Legos and making up stories together)

and going for nature walks by ourselves and with friends (and smelling flowers and finding feathers)

and eating grapes and other veggies from our garden.

We’ve been spotting birds and dragonflies and lizards and snakes in our yard

and squirrels who lounge right outside the window

We’ve been staying indoors because of polluted air which makes me feel stuck and unhappy but doing our best to get some indoor exercise and go out when the air is a little better.

We’ve been hiking


and inventing games

and reading, reading, reading wherever we go.

Gavin won a drawing at the city library for all his summer reading and got a gift card and book bag and twinkling lights. I bought Lilah a soft animal pillow and a lava lamp because she’s a winner in reading too.

For my birthday we went up in the local mountains and stayed in a yurt and went paddleboarding and kayaking on the reservoir. My parents and sister came up for the afternoon to be with us. I am so grateful for my family and getting time regularly to spend with my parents and sister is such a huge gift! One afternoon we were up there, we paddled around a bend and discovered a small private beach with a swing set someone has made. We decided to land and try it out!

We’ve been painting and drawing and writing

and playing market together. Here Lilah is shopkeeper, with wares such as unicorns, pompoms, gems, and corks for sale.

and making each other laugh.

Gavin had a birthday party with friends where they played Dungeons & Dragons with Chris’ help and then had a nerf battle and they laughed and laughed and laughed. I am so grateful he has good friends who enjoy spending time together.

Here are the potions that were served to the enduring battle heroes.

We took a walk under the full moon which we are hoping to make a tradition. This time we were lucky enough to be up in the mountains and it was so beautiful.