They began with computer play time and watching Pound Puppies and Wild Crats.

We headed out for a grocery trip.  “Mama, can we get flowers?  I like these daaaark purple roses.”  “What’s the (bulk bin) number for the lentils?”  “Where is the yogurt?”  “Let’s get rainbow carrots!”  “Hey kids, did you see these tiny apples?”  “Ooooh, we could have tiny apple slices!”

After putting groceries away and lunch there was play with Legos and ponies.

We did some Spanish practice together – days of the week, colors, months today.  The kids did some more Spanish word matching games on their own while I started a stew in the slow cooker.

Gavin read several stories from the National Geographic Kids magazine.  After we read about a big cat researcher in Tanzania, we got down our globe and found where she is and talked about what we know about that part of Africa.

We all headed out – to gymnastics for Lilah and soccer practice for Gavin.  They both got a few minutes to watch the other too!

We came home and the kids and I read some library books and a chapter of Searching For Dragons while Chris escorted another mouse we caught to it’s new home in the canyon.  Then we had dinner together, and cuddles and songs and bed.




We got up and got ready to go to Kingsbury Hall to watch the Big Bad Musical by Univ. of Utah Youth Theatre.


It was a fun story with beautiful costumes, catchy songs and had actors as young as 8 up to 17.  The audience voted for one of three different endings, so it was fun to participate in the storyline.  The kids had a wonderful time watching and then we stopped at the playground between the theatre and our car for a few minutes on the way home.  The leaves are coming down and our feet crunched across them on our way.

When we got home there was Lego play and lunch.

We decided we wanted more park and playground time so Gavin got his bike out and we headed to our local park. There was swinging, sliding, racing, monkey bar crossing and fly observation. (The slide has been covered with tiny flying insects the last several visits.)  When we got home, they worked together to bring Gavin’s bike up the steps.  I watched as they worked out how to do it together and succeeded without any support even though the bike is quite heavy.


Gavin and I played a game of Chess while Lilah watched and made suggestions.

The mice have been coming in since the weather has gotten colder and our live, humane trap caught one of them.  The kids like watching them for a bit before we take them out of our neighborhood and let them go.


Soon it was time for Gavin’s soccer game.  The kids went with Chris to that while I stayed home to squeeze in a workout.



Gavin played Chima Online.

There was Pokemon watching.

Then we got our our newly unearthed Playmobil toys from their closet and they went to work building castles.


Gavin had the gray one put together in no time.  Lilah had a harder time with hers so they ended up playing together with the gray one.  Later on Gavin helped her put the white and pink one together.

After lunch we headed to several stores to shop for halloween costume making supplies: felt, paint, a floral wreath, and lots of cardboard.

When we got home we began working on the butterfly costume.  Lilah got out her old wings (We made monarch wings last year) for reference and we printed a picture of the butterfly she picked: the Utah Copper butterfly.


With some chalk, we traced half of the old butterfly wings and then, looking at the picture of the Copper, we altered the outline.  Then I carefully cut it and then folded it in half and cut the other half.


Next we got out red, and various blue felt colors and began making the pattern.  Lilah placed them on the butterfly and I helped her adjust them.  We plugged in the glue gun while we cut felt.  When we were done cutting all the pieces, we glued them on.  Lilah was very interested in how hot the felt was right after gluing and how quickly it cooled.  We finished making the design, but I’ll need to sew on the elastic for her to wear it another day.


While Lilah and I worked on her costume, Gavin researched Lego minifigures on the computer and chose a character.  We printed out a picture and then he made a list of paint colors we will need.

After we finished the butterfly design, it was time for Gavin to go to his soccer game and Lilah to go to Spiral Scouts.  Lilah and Chris dropped Gavin and I off with our bikes and then headed to scouts.


After the soccer game, Gavin and I biked home, about two miles.  It was his first real experience biking on the roads so I think he took a lot in about where to ride, where to stop and where to look for traffic.  We even went across the train tracks and had a very close view while we waited for a train to pass.


When we got home we had a few minutes so we began measuring and cutting cardboard for Gavin’s Lego minifigure costume.  He set up the table for us and got out the ruler and box cutter and we cut a piece out for a cylindrical head.


Then it was dinner time together and cuddles and songs.




Right after breakfast we headed up to UMFA with my sister.  It was their monthly first free Wednesday!


We really enjoyed looking around.  It’s hard not to touch things though, when some are practically begging for it!  There was an artist there, Tony Feher installing some art on windows with painters tape that looked like a tile mosaic.  His exhibition is opening later this week!  It was fascinating to me to watch him.  He also had a piece already hung using pink tape descending from the very high ceiling in a grid.  It blows a tiny bit in the indoor air currents and seems like chaos but if you stand in between rows you see the linear pattern.


The kids enjoyed the South Asian art and the Indian art especially, as well as a video of a performance piece where an artist in throwing rocks in bowls of paint and they drip down over many boxes, each with its own bowl of paint waiting.  Rock, Hard, Place it was called.  I cannot remember the artists name.  We looked at Ganesha carved in stone and wood.  We admired a Horus casket painted beautifully and holding a grain mummy.  We looked at paintings of Utah and noted some places we’ve been.  It was very enjoyable for all of us, not too terribly packed, and filled with fascinating art from all over and many eras and we’ll do it again on another free day.

After we got home we watched an episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

Then we did some Spanish practice, followed by a request for music to sing along to.  “Ella’s Playhouse is already in the player, Mama!”

Soon it was time to head out for Gavin’s soccer game.  Lilah enjoyed the playground while Gavin enjoyed playing with his team.  They are the Earthquakes, named for the MLS team who wears blue and black.

Afterward it was dinner and bedtime, with snuggling, reading and a few songs.