Right after breakfast we headed up to UMFA with my sister.  It was their monthly first free Wednesday!


We really enjoyed looking around.  It’s hard not to touch things though, when some are practically begging for it!  There was an artist there, Tony Feher installing some art on windows with painters tape that looked like a tile mosaic.  His exhibition is opening later this week!  It was fascinating to me to watch him.  He also had a piece already hung using pink tape descending from the very high ceiling in a grid.  It blows a tiny bit in the indoor air currents and seems like chaos but if you stand in between rows you see the linear pattern.


The kids enjoyed the South Asian art and the Indian art especially, as well as a video of a performance piece where an artist in throwing rocks in bowls of paint and they drip down over many boxes, each with its own bowl of paint waiting.  Rock, Hard, Place it was called.  I cannot remember the artists name.  We looked at Ganesha carved in stone and wood.  We admired a Horus casket painted beautifully and holding a grain mummy.  We looked at paintings of Utah and noted some places we’ve been.  It was very enjoyable for all of us, not too terribly packed, and filled with fascinating art from all over and many eras and we’ll do it again on another free day.

After we got home we watched an episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

Then we did some Spanish practice, followed by a request for music to sing along to.  “Ella’s Playhouse is already in the player, Mama!”

Soon it was time to head out for Gavin’s soccer game.  Lilah enjoyed the playground while Gavin enjoyed playing with his team.  They are the Earthquakes, named for the MLS team who wears blue and black.

Afterward it was dinner and bedtime, with snuggling, reading and a few songs.