There was Pokemon watching.

Gavin built with Magformers while Lilah and I made waffles.


After breakfast there was a game where they walked round and round the room while going imaginary places.

We read a few articles about the eruption of Mount Ontake in Japan.  Then we looked at a video of a fish with a transparent head on National Geographic’s website.  “I can see it’s brain!  And it’s eyeballs are moving!”

There were baths and cuddling followed by several sudoku Chocolate Fix challenges together.


A lego garden was built with poison berry plants which grow berries that are red before they are ripe so people might think they are apples and eat them, then they have tiny black spots and then, when they are ripe they turn black.


We read an article for kids about Ebola and talked about what it is, where it is and how scary the outbreak is for Africa.  We looked at our globe at the part of Africa where it is now.


There was more lego play.

I read a chapter of Wise Child to them and then we did some Spanish practice – animal words today.

We made some popcorn with our air popper (always fun to watch!) and read Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride by Stephen Krensky.

We listened to and danced to Ella Fitzgerald.

We enjoyed all of it.