There was computer play time, then on to trains and legos.

Then we headed up the mountain for a picnic lunch and then to the Fairy Forest.  The kids read books most of the way up.  We’d never been there before so we followed some directions from another family and they took us straight to it!  A hot pink arrow painted on a log didn’t hurt either.  Thanks, fellow fairy admirers!

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the fairy villages and immediately made plans to go back with additions.

We got back on the road and went up to Lily and Wall lakes for a short walk before we came home to meet a friend for evening play time.

At home there was a frenzy of make believe birthday parties with their friend, complete with dressing up and elaborately imagined feasts and gifts before the end of the day.

It was a day full of sweet moments that left us wanting for more.  We’ll be back to the Fairy Forest and the Uintahs soon, I think!