There was coolmathgames.com and lego building.


We met my sister for a tour of her roommates beehives and then a walk along the Jordan River.

Then we read a chapter of Wise Child.

We found a mouse in the house so we set up a humane trap to catch it and relocate it.  We listened to it’s scritchings and scrappings behind our microwave as we waited for it to check out the yummy peanut butter and cracker we put out for it.

We played with stuffed animals and legos more, then Lilah and I headed off to pick up her friend.


When we got home the three kids made up their own version of The Lego Movie, then played mom and kids, then played with our marble maze.


There was some gymnastics practice and giant ball play.


I enjoyed listening to an explanation of what being unconscious means and then enjoyed a demonstration more.

“What would you like for dinner tonight, kids?”  “Come dance with me and I’ll tell you.”  “Okay.”  “Now spin me around three times.  Okay, I’ll have rice and tofu and apples.”  “Dance with me too, Mama and I’ll tell you what I want.”

We watched this video about a knot:

Then we wanted to watch (and dance and sing to!) another favorite by Ylvis before bed:

It was a good day.