There was computer play for Gavin and part of a Garfield movie for Lilah before the three of us baked muffins for breakfast.

We read a chapter of Wise Child.  This book has some great issues to explore for us at 9 and 6, like being scared of differences in other people, peer pressure, fear of being alone, improving skills through practice and needing to do things you don’t like.

There was lego play and reading some newly borrowed library books.


We did more Spanish on Duolingo and Mindsnacks Spanish numbers.

I brought out our And Then… story starters and we each chose a story starter, then wrote the next part.  The story starters are a box of beginnings of stories, each with a charming picture on it.  It’s a fun way of inviting the kids to write imaginatively.  Lilah dictated her story to me and I wrote it out for her and then she illustrated it.  Gavin wrote his out and then illustrated.  We’ve found that lined paper makes a huge difference in his confidence and quality of writing as he gets so easily frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to write.  After we finished we each read our story aloud and enjoyed them.

There were handstands and arabesques and hula hooping.


Lilah decided she was tired and asked me to read her a book and then she lay down down for a bit.  The fact that she recognized her need and acted on it without worrying about missing something makes me happy.

I wrote out a scavenger hunt for the kids to do around the house full of things like something blue, something fuzzy, something that smells good, something funny to do while I did yoga.

Gavin made map hunts for Lilah and I to decode.


Lilah and I headed out to a Spiral Scouts meeting and Gavin and Dad headed to his soccer game to finish off our day.