There was Pokemon watching and Dora The Explorer playing on the computer.  (Spanish practice!)

There was Lego play.


We read a picture book about riots and racial division from a kids perspective called Smoky Night by Eve Bunting.  It’s a beautiful book, story and illustrations both.

We went to the library to return an armful of books and to check out new interesting ones.  We came home with quite a few kids poetry books – Yay!  I am really enjoying taking the kids to pick out books in the kids non-fiction sections as well as fun picture books.

Then the three of us headed up the canyon to hike.  We went to Lake Mary and then Dog Lake.  It was chilly but not miserably so.


There was snow on the ground, though only in bits and pieces yet.  We spotted chipmunks and birds.  We even saw what I think is a grouse very close.  It didn’t mind us being in its’ space so we enjoyed a good view before heading down to Lake Mary.

The lake was very low today.  We talked about how lakes and rivers and streams change with the seasons and with the amount of snow and rain fall.

Gavin and Lilah did some experimenting by tossing snow into the stream and watching it melt and then tossing packed snow in and seeing if it did the same thing.  They decided the packed snow stayed together longer and must be colder than the unpacked snow.

We took a quick peek at Dog Lake which was more of a pool.  Then we headed back down with stops for rock climbing and puddle stirring and skiing on the snow in our shoes.


On the way down Gavin asked if we could make lasagna for dinner.  I explained that no, we would not have time.  It takes hours and it would be dinner time when we arrived home.  He asked if we could make it tomorrow.  I said that I was concerned with getting his costume done so I would like to focus on that project for the day or days it takes to finish and if we have time after that then maybe.  He understood and was perfectly happy with my answers.  When I see how much more flexible he is able to be now that we are unschooling, I am so very grateful.  Things not happening exactly as he expected or hoped was a huge problem for us, regularly causing big upset in our house.  So, the ability to step back and feel alright with things being done in a different order or on a different schedule than he’d really prefer for his own immediate interests is such a huge success for us!  I am so excited that he’s feeling comfortable and heard and respected enough to make that jump this afternoon!  I have seen it in other conversations recently too and it makes me so happy for him and for us.

On the way down the canyon the kids read Charlie and Lola books by Lauren Child we checked out of the library today.

My sister came over for dinner and then we read books and had cuddle time and talked about plans for the week before bed.