Gavin began with the new Lego Creator game on the computer.  Lilah played a princess Lego game.

There was Lego play off the computer, with our blocks.  “Up, up and awaaaaaay!”


There was a disagreement about playing girl characters in their lego play so we had a long conversation about boys and girls and what the difference is, in real life and in tv and movies.  Gavin and I talked about how he likes actual girls, but not girl characters most of the time.  Many girl characters from tv shows and movies are not very appealing to me either.  I hope he and sister can grow to see the difference between actual girls, who are strong and funny and powerful and silly and smart and talented and awesome just like boys are, and caricatures of femininity that are so often full of inability to act or make decisions, and who inevitably need rescuing.  Ugh!

We dug out some good books we own that we haven’t enjoyed in a while and read together and separately:  Monster Hug by David Ezra Stein and Polka Bats and Octopus Slacks by Calef Brown.  I also read to them from Searching For Dragons by Patricia Wrede while they finished up their lunch.

There was Lego store making for  buying spaghetti dinner supplies, with cashiers and costs and change and bags.

Lilah did some drawing.


We did some Spanish practice together – clothes and question words this time.

We measured, cut and glued the torso for Gavin’s costume together, glued on some scrunched up newspaper for hair on the head and then we cut newspaper strips and began paper mache on the head and a tiny bit on the edges of the torso.  We still need to cut eye holes, arm holes, do a second round of paper mache, paint it and find a shirt and pants that will work with our color scheme!!  I don’t have any photos of the paper mache process because Chris wasn’t home at the time.  Maybe tomorrow we can get some when we do another round.

After de-gluing ourselves, there was dinner and books and songs and cuddles.