I am finally back to blogging after a long break for a trip to California where we visited family, camped and explored beaches.

It was such a good time, but it’s good to be back at home and back to our routine.

This morning Gavin has built his own Lego iPhone and immediately got dressed so he could put it in his pocket.


They worked on other Lego creations together.

We read a book about famous paintings and then a chapter of Searching For Dragons.

There was more Lego imagining.  Gavin read a catalog that came in the mail while Lilah spent some time loving on our cat.

Gavin worked on an email to his grandparents about Halloween fun.


We all played several games of Phantom Society, changing who was playing as ghosts and who was playing as ghost hunters.  We’re playing this one quite a bit these days.

Before long it was time to go – Lilah and I to gymnastics and Gavin and Dad to soccer practice.  I heard that Gavin practiced headers and had a 5 on 5 mini-game.  Lilah worked on bridges, cartwheels, handstands.  She enjoys it so much!  This session there are about 9 kids and they split in two for most of the class so she gets much more attention and the atmosphere is much more relaxed.