There was computer play and Pokemon watching.

After that there was Lego play, inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle and Pokemon, with songs about Team Rocket, Pikachu, a blue and scarlet suit, girl wizards and of course, ninjas.


I read the Autumn Story in the Brambly Hedge collection by Jill Barklem to the kids.  We adore the stories and the illustrations both.


We finished up our celery with our lunch and had just the bottom bit left and I thought, oooh, paint stamping!  So we got out our paint and paper and chose colors.  I like how you can see the xylem in the prints as lighter spots.

They made one together “for fireworks day” with celery stamps and then daisy stamps on top that looked a bit like fireworks.  Then they asked for paintbrushes and began painting with several layers and colors.

We were still working on that when it was time to get ready to go get Lilah’s friend so we decided to paint more tomorrow.  I suggested going on a walk and collecting things to paint and stamp with.  The kids were excited about that idea.


Lilah and I headed to school to pick up her friend.  When we got home there was Lego play, snack eating, bunk bed climbing and then some play with the calico critters, small furry animal figurines with clothes and accessories who live in the dollhouse and lots and lots of laughing.