an order of coffee

Today there was Wild Kratts (a television show about animals) watching for both kids first thing.

After breakfast they played with their Hero Factory pieces, building characters and then making stories together.

Lilah worked on writing a letter to a friend and coloring a picture for her.

Gavin and I went on a walk and played Ingress.  Gavin felt really excited to be out and about, just the two of us.  I need to make that happen more frequently.

They had an disagreement over something and Lilah went into the bedroom feeling bad.  I followed her in and cuddled with her and then I asked her if she’d like to read to me.  She said yes and Gavin wandered in soon so she read a library book, an Elephant and Piggie story, to us.


Lilah and I picked up a friend and they painted and played while Gavin and I had a game of Tokaido.

Then all three played with play dough.  Lilah has very much been taking advantage of having easier access to the art supplies already, even just one day after setting it up.  Woohoo!  They had a restaurant where they took my and Chris’ orders and then made the food and brought it over to us.  The coffee was a little purple and a bit solid (wink), but it was lovely.

Before bed I read another chapter of Wizard of Oz (Lilah’s choice) and Chris read another chapter of Sorcerer of the North in the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan (Gavin’s choice) to the kids.