spring means kites and the spiral jetty

In between reading The Island Of The Blue Dolphins, building forts, talking about leprechauns, drawing treasure hunts and building with Legos, we got to spend a lovely afternoon flying kites with my parents

and another afternoon exploring the Spiral Jetty out at the Great Salt Lake (a work of art by Robert Smithson that is sometimes submerged, sometimes surround by the lake and sometimes, like now, is completely dry.  Lilah, noticing others had left messages and drawings in the sand nearby, added her own message, “Love.”

and the Ghost Pier, close by.

It was warm out there and we saw pelicans, a lizard, and what I think might have been sandhill cranes flying by.  It was fun to explore.  We also got to listen to Harry Potter aaaall the way there and back again.  I think we made it through six or seven chapters!