They began with computer play time and watching Pound Puppies and Wild Crats.

We headed out for a grocery trip.  “Mama, can we get flowers?  I like these daaaark purple roses.”  “What’s the (bulk bin) number for the lentils?”  “Where is the yogurt?”  “Let’s get rainbow carrots!”  “Hey kids, did you see these tiny apples?”  “Ooooh, we could have tiny apple slices!”

After putting groceries away and lunch there was play with Legos and ponies.

We did some Spanish practice together – days of the week, colors, months today.  The kids did some more Spanish word matching games on their own while I started a stew in the slow cooker.

Gavin read several stories from the National Geographic Kids magazine.  After we read about a big cat researcher in Tanzania, we got down our globe and found where she is and talked about what we know about that part of Africa.

We all headed out – to gymnastics for Lilah and soccer practice for Gavin.  They both got a few minutes to watch the other too!

We came home and the kids and I read some library books and a chapter of Searching For Dragons while Chris escorted another mouse we caught to it’s new home in the canyon.  Then we had dinner together, and cuddles and songs and bed.