They built with the marble run pieces and sorted the marbles and found new ways of fitting things together.

The Hobbit lego game was played.

They finished up some perler bead creations they began yesterday.

We went up to the State Capitol Building with some other unschoolers for a tour and explore.

My favorite part was the beautiful matchbook marble walls, where they cut the marble from the same point in both directions and arrange it so it is symmetrical from a center point in all four directions.   Gavin’s favorite part was the dome in the middle where it arches up, up to a painting of blue sky and seagulls on the inside and has intriguing areas with balconies all around from the outside, and the elevator.


Lilah’s favorite part was looking at the marble.


Afterward we played in the gardens with some new friends for a while before heading down to Memory Grove and checking out the ice partially covering the pond and admired the dry grasses on the path up and down from the Capitol.  We admired the view of the city, even with the inversion.  They rolled down some hills on the way.  We even spotted a family of quail!

When we got home it was time for a trip to get groceries with Dad and then dinner, clean up, reading Matilda, cuddles, songs, sleep.