New Year’s Eve 2014

We went to the Museum of Natural History for their kid friendly Noon Year’s Eve event.  We stopped first at a dry ice bubbles station.  They even got to see what happened when too much dry ice was put in the bottle… the lid popped off and it tipped over while spouting bubbles all over!


Next Lilah drew on shrinky dink paper while Gavin roped cattle.  Gavin eventually decided to create a shrinky dink too.

They looked at snowflakes through a microscope.


Lilah is explaining to me what she observed in the melting snow through the scope.  I’ve used some Christmas money the kids got on a new microscope for them to use at home.  I’m so excited to try it out with them soon!


Lilah waiting in line for ten or fifteen minutes to get her face painted.  The artists were quite good.

After we got home and had lunch we heated up the oven and watched their shrinky dinks shrink.  Lilah’s is a cat.  It’s her favorite thing to draw for as long as I can remember.  Gavin’s is a sea serpent saying ‘Happy New Year’.

We tidied up a bit before Grandma and Grandpa from California arrived and we spent the rest of the day catching up with them.  There was a game of Chess, a game of Wildcraft, Lilah read a new favorite book If… by Sarah Perry to Grandma.